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Led by award-winning composer S. PEACE NISTADES and co-founder JENNIFER COOK, ALKALOIDE MUSIC PRODUCTIONS is an international music production team that specializes in music for media ranging from film and television to video-games as well as advertising campaigns.

Based out of our headquarters in Los Angeles, CA, our team consists of professionals both here in the US and abroad, highly trained in their respective fields, allowing us to utilize a unique workflow that delivers work with the highest artistic integrity while also enabling us to frequently incorporate unique and fresh instruments and sounds, not readily available here in the US.

Our aim here at Alkaloide Music Productions, is to provide you with the best possible score for your production. In order to achieve that, we have put together an ensemble team that reflects some of the most exciting and diverse musical cultures that come together to collaborate and create just the right score for each production we work on.

Utilizing the latest in technology, we have worked on multiple productions in over six countries worldwide. We have team members spread over three countries, giving us the flexibility of adjusting productions and workflow to fit all of your project needs, while maintaining the highest quality work.

We have scored, produced and created music for productions in the following countries:

“...the score was one of the biggest triumphs in Dragon Age: Redemption...

- Felicia Day (producer of The Guild, Dragon Age: Redemption)






THE TEAM